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Adding Up

21 November 2019

Interesting link at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/11/19/the-measurements-of-the-expansion… … which concerns the different measurements of the expansion of the universe that have been a feature of angst amongst cosmologists. The subject has featured in the News on several occasions. WattsUpWithThat has the benefits of lots of comments – some of them erudite and intuitive, and others quite the opposite. It seems a hundred scientists met at the University of California to try and clarify what is happening with the divergent data. What can go wrong when you gather that many experts together we may wonder – a bayesian solution perhaps (an averaging of the data). Thankfully, that didn't happen, even though the problem affects the mainstream cosmological model. We can suppose defenders of the faith were fully in charge of affairs. Nevertheless, the link is an interesting read. Recommended. The final paragraph seemes to show they have a mess to sort out if they intend to keep the mainstream mantra alive – even though the solutions proffered are somewhat speculative.

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