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9 December 2019
Inside science

Diets are big business. The fad for vegan diets is just the latest. We have had the F Plan for example – lots of home made baked beans and pulses leading to the nickname, the farting diet. That one didn't stay around too long but then we had the grapefruit diet (eat lots of acidic grapefruits) and the Atkins diet. The latter one was concocted by a doctor rather than a nutritionist and was remarkable for the amount of meat and dairy foods you could consume, including fatty bacon, cheese, milk, cream and eggs, and lashings of butter. This diet flew in the face of then current medical wisdom that claimed dairy foods created cholesterol and bunged up the arteries. Yert lots of people actually lost weight on the Atkins diet (although I suspect most people may have not kept it up as it was expensive to have big lumps of meat on the plate every day). People had also been fed a false flag story that fat was bad for you and therefore did not bother to try the diet out. This is the basis of a post at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/12/05/when-98-9-percent-of-nutrition-sc… … with the emphasis on junk science and drawing a parallel with the current alarmist song sheet over climate change. It is true that cholesterol is no longer considered the sole cause of the so called obesity epidemic and yet doctors in both the US and the UK are still handing out tablets to reduce cholesterol in patients willy nilly to anyone over a certain age or with a history of heart problems. However, the thrust of the article seems to blame carbohydrates for obesity whereas other articles have put the blame on sugar. We seem none the wiser. However, we can eat 'best butter' as my mother used to call it, as opposed to factory produced margarines. Nothing like a warm scone with a big dollop of butter and a hot drink. 

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