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Horses and Volcanoes

17 January 2020

Robert sent in this link too – www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7890053/ … which provides images from the recent eruption in the Phillippines. Robert says the gruesome images hint at the scale of catastrophism required to form fossils. In one image, below, we can see faint stratified layers in the volcanic deposit partiallly burying a horse – which gives an idea how polystrate fossils formed. Various other farm animals were also overcome by the hot ash and people seem to have fled leaving livestock behind. The horses had been used to carry tourists up to the summit for the view.


Robert also sent in a link to https://crev.info/2020/01/dino-skin-with-blood-vessels/ … and concerns the remains of a dinosaur with skin and blood vessels, as well as proteins, that was uncovered recently. The skin was surpringly thin for such a large animal – more like the skin of a bird rather than that of a big beast, a hadrosaur. The dinosaur was found beneath sediments laid down, probably at the point of death. Once again, this site has a one track mind and suggests it was all down to Noah's famous flood. Apart from that the author raises some interesting points.

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