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Solar Minimum Consequences

17 January 2020

Robert sent in the link www.zerohedge.com/health/why-are-volcanoes-all-over-globe-suddenly-shoot…

 why are volcanoes all over the world suddenly shooting giant clouds of ash miles into the air. Solar minimum apparently – see also https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/the-solar-minimum-and-an-incr… … the theory is that tectonic activity increases at solar minimum (when we are between two eleven year solar periods). Robert comments – earth is connected to interplanetary plasma which is in turn connected to the local interstellar medium. Earth functions as a secondary electrode in the electric discharges powering the Sun – which is out of the mouth of Ralph Juergens. The earth intercepts electrons via its magnetotail. At a certain point the earth re-radiates those electrons. At solar minimum earth spends more time in the Sun's return current resulting in an imbalance in the incoming negative/positive current. The earth (and the other planets) has to adjust accordingly. Tectonic activity is part of that electrical adjustment.

There has also been a swarm of earthquakes in Puerto Rico – more than a thousand of them (mostly after shocks). A volcanic eruption in the Phillippines has made the BBC news (the prospect of an upcoming disaster draws the media like wasps to a sugared bun) and various other volcanoes around the world are shooting clouds of ash skywards (including the tourist tragedy in New Zealand). This is puzzling experts we are told (quoting Zero Hedge). A volcano in Alaska shot hot ash 25,000 feet upwards – 5 miles high. On the other hand Tall Bloke quotes Perspecta Weather (providing the link) and they blame solar minimum. However, none of the commenters at both sites mention the electric universe theory of the Sun.

At https://phys.org/news/2020-01-experts-constant-quakes-puerto-rico.html … we have the Puerto Rico story with lots of pictures of the US Geological Survey who are monitoring them. It involves several fault lines it is being suggested in what is a seismically active region where the North American plate is pushing up against the Caribbean plate. There appears to be constant shaking of the ground so much so some people have taken to sleeping out in tents.

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