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12 March 2020
Climate change

German Greens have got in a huff it seems – see https://notrickszone.com/2020/03/10/clashing-climate-kiddies-internal-st… …a climate activist in Germany is getting a bad press over her flights to various parts of the world, sparking internal strife in the organisation, Fridays For Future. Apparently, a 23 year old has now been replaced by a 17 year old and the older girl has slunk away.

At https://notrickszone.com/2020/03/11/leading-activist-resigns-blasts-fff-… … another activist resigns from the same organisation a day later, but for different reasons. This time it is a boy and he says he has had enough of Fridays For Future as the members are not interested in the environment, clean air, or healthy food (which appears to be his particular interests). He also said climate science was mostly manipulation and fraud – and anti-people. He makes the point that activists in Fridays For Future had little knowledge of actual climate science itself and their fanaticism was based on blind faith. Lastly, he added, it felt like he was leaving a cult.

Meanwhile, at https://electroverse.net/29-bullet-points-proving-the-sun-causes-global-… … this appears to be a relatively new web site, Electroverse. It has a general thread of subjects and is not a climate blog, much like SIS in that respect. Sometimes one cannot but avoid climate change as it is continuously blurted by the doom mongers. This one concerns a geologist, Dr Roger Higgs, who is obviously cheesed off with the alarmist hype. He has made a list of 29 bullet points which he thinks shows global warming in the 1990s and 2000s was largely due to the Sun – not co2. He is aghast that co2 is demonised as it is a basic ingredient of all life on earth. It is also important for photosynthesis in plants which is of course a bit of a paradox as vegetarians have jumped on the climate change bandwagon hoping to force us to eat a plant based diet even when the Green Blob is keen as mustard to reduce the ability of plants to grow – by cutting back on co2. You might like to read the 29 bullet points but as a geologist he is has a different perspective on the past than most people. I can't really see youngsters being at all interested in them. For example, he says global warming hit its peak in 1991 – unmatched since 300AD. Well, I could challenge that straight away (the 300AD date) and no doubt many others could if they wished. Was 1991AD a particularly warm year. I can't remember. There was a lot of solar activity in the 1990s and early 2000s and it is likely that big CME events pumped a lot of energy into the earth system (plasma at a certain level can breach the magnetosphere). Climate scientists are studiously ignoring the recent space missions that have been looking close up at the Sun and no doubt there is a reason for that. The solar wind contradicts the message they want to make – we are all going to die as the world heats up. 

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