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Natural Gas

20 April 2020
Climate change

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2020/04/20/methane-forms-under-space-con… … methane forms under space conditions simulated in a laboratory in Leiden University (the Netherlands). Methane is the main ingredient of natural gas – which is often located alongside oil within the crust of the earth. Methane is also one of the simplest hydrocarbons. It consists of one carbon atom with four hydrogen atoms. On earth humans create methane gas in landfill sites. This is burnt off. You can actually see the flames (controlled) if you drive past a landfill site at night. Hence, it is regarded by climate change activists as a fossil fuel – as is natural gas as it is associated with 'evil' oil. Methane is also quite common in space, as a gas, or a liquid, or even as an ice. Neptune and Uranus contain a lot of methane – and Saturn's moon Titan actually rains liquified methane. Outside of the solar system, in interstellar space, methane is commonly detected by scientists. It raises an interesting point on climate change. Is natural gas (and its high methane content) a fossil fuel – or is it entirely a natural substance that is exploited by activists for their own agenda.

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