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Gary, William and Robert

17 July 2020

Gary, William and Robert have been sending in links, often to the same stories. The next four posts are links sent in by them.

For example, at https://phys.org/news/2020-07-hyksos-15th-dynasty-rulers-ancient.html … where we have a new study that pictures the Hyksos as in internal rise to domination in Egypt. The mainstream mantra has been for many a year that the Hyksos were foreign invaders, although their actual identity remains a mystery. Velikovsky famously thought they were the Amalekites, a desert people mentioned in the Bible. Others have pointed a finger at Indo Europeans but more generally they are perceived as Canaanites, with an origin in the northern Levant. Egypt of the Middle Kingdom was subject to large scale economic migration from the Levant so the idea that they had been in the country for a long time, prior to gaining dominance in the Delta, is quite feasible. One would have thought another factor was also into play which would involve some kind of intrusion. The late MB period is marked by two episodes of site destructions, divided by around 100 years. These were formerly designated MBIIB and MBIIC and often racked as one. Nowadays they are defined by MBIII. Hence, there is the possibility that natural disaster, such as earthquakes, were a vector for increased migration into Egypt, leading to the Hyksos dynasty 15 period (of around 100 years). Horses, are one of the things that are supposed to have been introduced into Egypt by the Hyksos. How will this idea fare?

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