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Geoffrey of Monmouth

24 July 2020
Ancient history

At www.historyextra.com/period/ancient-history/geoffrey-monmouth-historia-r… … which is an interview with Miles Russell, the author of a revised look at Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia (the History of the Kings of Britain) which was reviewed in SIS Review a couple of years ago. The interview is a brief account of what is in his book. At the end of the piece we are told the article was first published in the December of 2014 issue of BBC History magazine. I liked the book as it restores faith in the work of a medieval author, one that has been much criticised in modern times by historians. He was a man of his time. He was also Britain's first historian.

At www.belfastlive.co.uk/news/belfast-news/navan-fort-once-site-huge-18609971 … Navan Fort was once the site of a huge Iron Age complex and was excavated in the 1960s. Mike Baillie dated the site via the buried and burnt timbers, via the Belfast dendrochronology. The new research is at an early stage, conducted by Queens University in Belfast. In 95BC the buildings and a timber ring structure around them were burnt down – shortly after they were built. It was filled in with stones and covered in soil in order to create the mound.

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