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Carolina Ponding

29 July 2020

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/07/27/new-evidence-that-an-extraterrest… ago-triggered-an-abrupt-climate-change-for-earth/ … new evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change for earth. This is a new paper with lead Christopher Moore, University of South Carolina. The idea the Younger Dryas cooling event was caused by an impact, or by space debris, is highly controversial. This fairly obvious by reading the comments. Some people are almost religiously opposed to the idea of catastrophism. It seems to jar with their secular belief system. There is no logical reason for this as evidence should be assessed without vitriol aimed at the authors of the paper. Sadly, some of the more opinionated commenters, regularly taking down non mainstream arguments, are out in force with this post at Anthony's blog. The idea of a catastrophic cause for the Younger Dryas, or the 8.2ky event, is extremely disliked by certain sections of our society, and they want ot impose their point of view and descend into invective as well as pontification in order to get it. George Howard asked an innocent question and he was pounced on. You just can't argue with these guys just as you can't argue with the born again global warmers. They either have sawdust inside their skulls or an immunity to anything that contradicts what they had indoctrinated with at university. It really is a remarkable phenomenon and illustrates the limited range of the human mind. The evolution of humans has a long way to go yet. If the so called intelligent section of society is unable to discuss an issue without getting stressed out how can the plebs deal with such a subject. Well, the plebs haven't been indoctrinated so they can use their common sense. Works most of the time. Not always of course. The interesting thing is that Christopher Moore was instrumental in bringing an end to the idea the Carolina Bays were impact related and yet here he is carefully looking at a sediment core and deciding there could well have been a cosmic dimension to the Younger Dryas event – which really doesn't make much sense otherwise. The same of course may be true of Heinrich events in general (and earlier so called dryas events). Perhaps this is why they are so frightened. There might have been multiple impacts by space debris. That would disturb their sleep at night. It really would. The so called safe and cosy secular world view may not be true.

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