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Archaeology catching up with genetics

28 August 2020

At https://sputniknews.com/science/202008271080280560-siberia-was-major-cen… … genetic studies, as outlined by Paul Reich, show that Siberia had an extensive population during the Late Glacial Maximum. The comments at the end of this article are extraordinarily ignorant of this fact. No, northern Eurasia in the LGM does not equal Russia. That is a modern political development. It was occupied by  hunter gatherers which is exactly what the piece says. The discoveries confirm the genetic research, a Palaeolithic peope with a well developed technology living in what is northern Eurasia. At the end of the Late Glacial Maximum, or even within it, some of these people moved eastwards, into the Americas. They also moved westwards, as the LGM came to an end, into Euroasia. The research was published in the journal Archaeological Research in Asia.

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