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Nebra Disc

3 September 2020

At https://phys.org/news/2020-09-dating-nebra-sky-disk.html … the Nebra Sun Disc has previously been dated to early European Bronze Age ….

  … German archaeologists have re-analysed  the data and the claims made by the discoverers. They are now opting for an Iron Age date. It was brought to the attention of the authorities in what was thought to be a single illegal excavation back in 1999. The night hawks produced it in the company of Bronze Age swords, axes and bracelets, and no doubt the idea was to get a good price for them. The archaeologists now say the illegal excavaters were telling porkies. The site in which it was supposed to have been found, it seems, is not the site, or sites, in which it was really found. The context is all wrong. There is also now the likelihood the objects came from a variety of illegal digs, typical of night hawks, raiding excavations taking place and slithering away in the morning. Hence, it is now likely the Nebra sun disc came from elsewhere, and had nothing to do with the bronzes. They are saying the disc, which took the scholarly world by storm, should be treated on an individual basis and that means it was probably made during the Iron Age.


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