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Blast a Black Hole

8 September 2020

At https://phys.org/news/2020-09-blast-black-hole.html … more properly, how to have a blast like a black hole. Researchers at Osaka University have successfully used short but powerful laser blasts to generate magnetic field re-connections inside a plasma. It has to be recognised the magnetic re-connection used is artificial as well as the plasma. The idea is to imitate them in order to learn more about them. The experiment is said to lead towards a more complete theory of X-ray emissions from the universe – and these include black holes. Electric Universe people do not like the idea of magnetic re-connection – regarding it as a fudge in order to keep the mainstream mantra alive. The experiment was an attempt to unlock the process of magnetic re-connection, otherwise an uproven theory. A guess, if you like. In order to do that they seek to understand X-ray emissions, and so on. They were able to study a high energy acceleration of electrons and protons, the properties of plasma, as a result of 'relativistic' magnetic re-connection.

  (Magnetic re-connection is generated by the irradiation of a laser into a micro coil. The particle outflow accelerated by the magnetic re-connection is evaluated using several detectors. Proton outflow, as  an example, with symmetric distributions were observed.)

    (the magnetic field generated inside the micro coil (left)and the magnetic field lines corresponding to magnetic re-connection (right) are shown above. The geometry of the field lines changed significantly during and after reconnection).

Previous to this experiment, relativistic magnetic re-connection could only be observed via numerical simulation on a super computer. Now, we are told, it is an experimental reality in a laboratory. They hope the experiment will elucidate processes that happen in the modern universe. See also https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.102.033202


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