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Footprints in the Sand

23 September 2020

Kevin sent in the link to www.sci-news.com/archaeology/alathar-footprints-08869.html … human footprints going  back 120,000 years have been found in northern Saudi Arabia – together with those of animals. The were found on what was an ancient lake bed in the last interglacial period. They are said to be contemporary with the new date for Out of Africa but I dare say some would digress. Arabia has not always been a forbidding desert environment, especially not the northern zone. It has periodically been green with plenty of rivers and lakes. During these periods, humans and animals would have colonised the interior parts of the peninsular, it is thought, willingly, as abundant food resources were available. The claim is that these are the footprints of modern humans and not those of Neanderthals. This paradigm is all part of the Out of Africa theory so beloved by mainstream.

Around seven humans are thought to have left their footprints behind, amid a concentration of animals such as antelope and elephant. See also https://finance.yahoo.com/news/archaeologists-found-115-000-old-15530044… … which was sent in  by William. Here we are told the footprints of seven humans are out numbered by those of hundreds of animals. They were left on what is thought to have been mud flats on a lake shore. Moisture was necessary to create the footprints, and the indentations themselves. It is thought the imprints would have been lost in a couple of days in normal circumstances which means preservation must have been quick. Buried in mud and silt, and sand perhaps.

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