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Woolly Rhino Carcass

1 January 2021

Both William and Gary sent in links to this story. At www.yahoo.com/news/woolly-rhino-remains-found-melting-151024751.html … and www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9096475/ … the carcass of a woolly rhinoceros, a juvenile, has emerged from the Ice Age. Its hazle coloured coat of hair is still intact. It seems melting permafrost in this part of Siberia, the Sakha Republic, has already come up with some rare Ice Age remains such as a wolf cub and a baby mammoth. Even some of the internal organs are preserved by the cold weather – an icy tomb. It is estimated the animal died 34,000 years ago – but that is without a proper dating being applied, such as C14.

Gary sent in www.dw.com/en/spectacular-ice-age-rock-paintings-find-in-columbian-rainf… .. deep in the Amazon rain forest a rock wall has been discovered with an 8 mile long panarama of paintings, on a cliff face.  Hidden in the jungle until its discovery a few years ago it is set now to be studied extensively by anthropologists and other scientists. One may wonder if it was rainforest when the rock paintings were made, it is that well concealed. Lots of images at the link to browse through.

William sent in the next link www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/archaeologists-found-115-000-year-old-135500029…. … here we have the discovery of human footprints  in Arabia, going back 115,000 years ago. It is interesting how they are preserved, or rather, how they say they were preserved. At some point they must have been covered over – and fairly quickly in order to preserve them.

Overr at https://journal.caa-international.org/articles/10.5334/jcaa.45 … the use of LiDAR to map the rural villages of Amazonia, from hundreds of years ago.

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