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Scythian Faces

11 January 2021

At https://siberiantimes.com/other/others/news/faces-of-siberian-tutankhamu… … a tomb in Tuva  with the burial of a Scythian king and his favourite concubine is extremely well preserved and the faces of the two have now been reconstructed from what is left of their skulls. The tomb goes back some 2600 years to about the time Scythian overspilled into Mesopotamia, as recorded by the Assyrians. A remnant are said to still be living in Georgia. However, this tomb is very far away from the Caucasus and as such, these Scythians were not associated with 7th century movements to the south. Interesting point though as this group may have moved eastwards, though in all likelihood this occurred somewhat earlier as the faces display both caucasian and mongoloid features. The tomb was found in a remote part of Tuva. A wooden chamber was situated inside an earthen moun and the link claims 33 other people were buried with them, servants it is assumed, including 5 children, plus 14 horses. Gold, bronze and iron artifacts were also in the burial chamber and their are a lot of pictures of some of the contents at the link.

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