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Computing Covid 19

12 January 2021

The recent outbreak of Covid 19 has triggered an enormous amount of new research on the various covid viral manifestations which has to be good. Of course, a lot of money is involved as a lot money, even more so, is one of the harvests. Yet, it is precisely because of these funds working overtime in the background that we may get to know much more about coronvirus and the way it spreads around the globe, and not all the conclusions will be honey in the ear of mainstream scientists. At https://phys.org/news/2021-01-scientists-entire-virus-responsible-covid-… … is about a computer model of the virus that is open to all to access – but probably confined to institutions, or persons with an institutional key to unlock the door. It is quite remarkable that this has been achieved in a fairly short space of time. The hope is that providing access to the model will open the door to new ideas and new knowledge in order to counter its effects.

Covid, as a broad description of a virus, also covers influenza. Mysteriously, this has disappeared from medical statistics this year. In a normal year there would be thousands of flu cases and many deaths. Some people are more susceptible to it than others. Covids 19 dominates the medical statistics this year but strangely there must still be influenze out there, even if only in the atmosphere, as we have had a number of bird flu outbreaks. French farmers have apparently been culling the ducks they breed and nurture for the market in foie gras – which involves force feeding them with excess food. See https://phys.org/news/2021-01-france-duck-cull-bird-flu.html … which is an interesting observation as presumably they think that wild birds transfer the influenze virus as they are flying in the air. Or that might be one interpretation. It is therefore even stranger that virologists are absolutely aghast at the idea coved 19 might also be spread around the world as it too may be in the atmosphere, although not entirely so. Over 200,000 ducks have been culled in France, and no doubt in other foie gras loving countries too. Another 400,000 are expected to be culled in the coming days or weeks. Bird Flu, we are told, is difficult to constrain, and we have no need to fear it as it is not harmful to humans – only to birds. Bird Flu, however, only emerged a few years ago and was introduced to the human knowledge bank in very scary terms. Presumably the virus has become weaker in subsequent years – just as Covid 19 is predicted to become less of a threat as it is diluted and mutates. Outside chicken and poultry farms in the UK, for example, were forced a couple of years ago to take all their birds indoors – including chickens producing organic eggs. Do we get any purely organic eggs nowadays. They do in New Zealand, I have been informed, but not so likely in the UK. Yet, supermarkets still brand their eggs as organic when clearly they aren't. They are more properly Barn Eggs, a description that went out of fashion prior to the appearance of Bird Flu. There is of course no way humans can kill all the wild birds out there, although turbine blades at wind farms are having a good go at achieving that, but a long way to go yet. Even if they could they probably would not get rid of the strain termed bird flu if it is circulating in the air, as rain will always bring it down to the surface. On previous occasions we have had flu virus epidemics described as horse flu or swine flu and some people describe covid 19 as bat flu [disreputing an animal species for no good reason, apart from the fact that bats also fly]. Medical advice is that building and construction workers, postmen, and other people that work outside in the open air, are safe from the virus, and you are even advised to get out in your garden for a bit of exercise, weeding and digging and watering etc. The assumption is that the virus spreads from human to human, and no doubt coughing and spitting do play a role, and even been locked down with somebody with symptoms would presumably mean you are more likely to catch covid 19, but one might still wonder. One can see it can spread from person to person as hospitals have become a sort of reservoir of the virus, and difficult to eradicate. That does not mean it is not in the atmosphere and circulating on the various jet streams and mutating as it does so. If so is it any surprise that flu is an annual menace and covid 10 is particularly malignant in very wet climates. Onemay also wonder why mainstream is so averse to such an idea. Is tunnel  vision the new normal?

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