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Presumed Supernova

16 January 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-01-mistaken-identity-presumed-supernova-rever… … here we have mainstream backtracking on itself. Astronomers thought they were looking at a supernova but oddly it appeared to recurr on several occasions. This was not just mysterious it more or less imploded the idea that supernovas are stars exploding at the end of their lives. That is  surely impossible, and therefore some othere explanation was sought. In this research paper we are solemnly informed the flaring up was caused by a supermassive black hole. This is of course the only mechanism within mainstream to explain periodic bursts of energy, attributed to the feeding habits of these unseen objects that usually occupy the centre of galaxies. In electric universe thinking the flaring is caused by bursts of energy derived from Birkeland currents in  space. That may explain not just the supernova phenomena [recurring in what was regarded as a near defunct star] but also the flaring from black holes, an otherwise theoretical object that is as invisible as dark matter. The idea of electricity in space, or rather, electro-magnetic effects within plasma, is capable of opening up several disciplines to new ideas, from geology to cosmology, from biology to chemistry etc. If it is true we are standing at the window of a new understanding of the universe and our earth. Truth must be seen to be unspectacular  rather than  brash. There is a lot of dead wood in the electric universe theory at the moment but will eventually be ironed out, over time. Nothing is sacrosanct, in science.

At https://spaceweather.com [January 15th 2020] tells us that the sun is still displaying a blank face for most of the time, even though we have entered a new  solar cycle. This comes on top of last week's outburst that appears to have grazed the magnetosphere of the earth setting in motion some striking examples of aurorae [as pictured at spaceweather.com ]. In turn, back on January 10th [click the date at the link] we had a 'dream catcher' in the sky – an unusual sun halo created by ice crystals in the air …..


 In fact, four types of sun halo were captured in a single image over North Carolina. A pair of sun dogs, a pair of sub-sun dogs [sub parhelia], a 22 degree ring [a fraction of a parhelic cicrcle], and a sun pillar. Thewy all combined to create the dream catcher in the sky.

On 16th January we are informed the sun is sputtering back into life as a sun spot is now emerging. On the same day spaceweather.com tells us that a stream of solar wind [plasma] is on its way from a coronal hole and is due to strike the magnetosphere in two days time.

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