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A Proto Deuteronomy

27 March 2021

David was the  first to bring it to our attention – the discovery of a Jewish text of Deuteronomy that differs from the Biblical version. It was actually discovered in the 19th century but was dismissed as a forgery. Unsurprisingly, a lot of mainstream commentors still insist it is a forgery. See www.livescience.com/early-ten-commandments-biblical-text-claim.html

Is the text genuine or not. Hard to say as the original has disappeared and no longer exists. All we have are copies of it, and they might not  be a true replica. According to Ida Dershowitz of Potsdam University it is authentic, a predecessor of the Book of Deuteronomy. It concerns Moses defeat of King Shihon and includes a rendition of the Ten Commandments. It is somewhat shorter than the modern version of Deuteronomy and that is one of the reasons for thinking it was an earlier version. What would really be divisive would be an even earlier version of holy scripture, prior to Deuteronomy.

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