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Even Big Bang is Changing

27 March 2021

This piece is sort of accusatory, critical of the reader, shall we say. If you thought the bang in the big bang was a bang and then you have misrepresented the Big Bang lobby. It is not them that have changed their  view of the bang but we folk who thought the bang was an explosion. Mainstream revise their consensus theories all the time – and now it is the turn of the astrophysists. However, instead of telling us there was a mystery all the time, one they didn't bother telling the audience about, we have a different kind of approach. It is our misconception that is at fault. See https://phys.org/news/2021-03-myths-big.html … not so much a big bang, more of a whimper. Not so much an expansion of matter – but an expansion of space. However, as the composition of space is still not resolved, what do we make of that. Only a small percentage is said to be made up of actual matter, such as stars and galaxies, and most of the rest is said to be dark matter and dark energy, or whatever, the inevitable cop out for them not knowing what space consists of.

If you extrapolate all the way back the universe gets smaller and smaller. It also gets denser and denser, and hotter and hotter. Finally, you reach a point where it is really very very small, really very hot and very dense. That is Big Bang Theory – but now the bang has been expunged. Are we left with a black hole? Some kind of hole is insinuated as the author is saying, in code, that the Big Bang theory may not be all that it is cracked up to be. The author even says, and admits, physicists require a different theory – and people are researching just that.

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