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Enormous Black Hole re-investigated

17 April 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-04-multi-wavelength-reveal-impact-black-hole…. … the black hole at the core of the galaxy M87 has been intensively studied via multi wavelength observations across the electro-magnetic spectrum. Radio, visible light, ultra violet, X-ray, and gamma ray telescopes revealed the impact of the black hole on the environment around it. Early results show the intensity of light produced by the black hole was lower than previously observed – which producted better conditions for viewing the 'shadow' of the black hole. In other words, a shadow of what is thought to be a black hole is the centre of attention. They say there are still uncertainties and this revolves around the material being blasted away by jets. These jets appear to the source of cosmic rays and similar cosmic rays enter our solar system on a regular basis with an origin in deep space. Are we looking at the galactic equivalent of the solar wind – but at a greater magnitude.

William sent in the link to www.yahoo.com/news/nasas-insight-mars-lander-emergency-123100384.html .. dust on Mars is causing problems for NASAs InSight Lander, draining its batteries.

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