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Fagradalsfjall Update

3 July 2021

The Fragradalsfjall volcano on the Reykjanes peninsular of Iceland began to erupt in March. It is still ejecting large volumes of liquid basaltic lava – see https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/fagradalsfjall.html  .. and the July issue of 'Down to Earth' magazine [2021]. A live webcam of the volcano is available to view. The editor adds, the eruption continues to come up with surprises and unless and until we begin to see some slight change in the composition of the basalt it may well go on erupting. He adds that he has concerns about the effect geothermal power extraction and reinjection of cold water may have had on the stability of the underlying magma chamber which was known to be at a very shallow depth. That is quite an interesting comment as geothermal power is currently one of the big 'renewable' fuels of the future, heat pumps and all that. Are we in for another environmentalist triggered disaster, after palm oil and ethane, and bird mincers and insect genocide turbine blades, and not forgetting the bats, many of which are endangered, having their insides mangled, night after night, over the last few years.

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