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Missing Rocks

6 September 2021

Robert sent in the link https://thedailyplasma.blog/2021/08/26/cracks-in-theory/ … and https://www.space.com/grand-canyon-rock-mystery-rodinia …. the first link is to Andrew Hall who posts at Thunderbolts and the second one tells us some interesting facts about the Grand Canyon. Why are some rocks missing from the geological column? It seems they have found a way to explain away the so called Great Unconformity, which was first noted back in the 19th century. The solution found is a series of small faults – with the emphasis on small. They occurred way back beyond – Pangea. North America at this time was part of Rodinia, an ancient super continent. Faulting, we are told, led to rocks and sediments falling away into the ocean – and disappearing. Sounds like a magician's hat – disappearing some bunnies.

It seems there are other geological sites in North America that have lost evidence of whole geological periods. The study was published by Geology journal [Sept 2021]. There is of course missing geology everywhere, even in Britain. For example, the challk is missing from a wide swathe of western Britain, and the Vale of Aylesbury bedrock is Jurassic clay. Melt water from the Ice Ages may be responsible, or simple erosion. Robert would disagree – and at the first link, above, Andrew Hall has a novel explanation. Worth reading.

Robert comments. Mainstream theory assumed rock strata always forms horizontally, although uplift can shift strata to dizzy angles. Uplift is assumed to be caused by the stretching and compression of the crust due to tectonic movement. It is then assumed, erosion from wind, ice,and rain, over millions of years, polishes the surface into the forms we see today. Robert agrees with Andrew Hall in that rock strata might form much more quickly.

William also sent in a link on this subject … see www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-attempt-solve-billion-time-185350641.html … and note that in the title they say 'attempt to solve' rather than just solve. William sent it in as an article of interest. It says, this is not exclusive to the Grand Canyon as missing time in geological records is common to different rock formations around the world. Geologists have no reason why it happens but the new study hopes to narrow down the cause. It also provides us with two other articles on the same subject but by different authors. See https://eos.org/articles/erasing-a-billion-years-of-geologic-time-across… … and https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/gsa/geology/article/doi/10.1130/649116….

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