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Polar Wander Oscillation

7 September 2021

A Late Cretaceous 'polar wander oscillation' has been recognised – see www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-23803-8 … where you can download the full pdf. True polar wander, or movement at the poles, is well documented for other planets and moons, but geologists are shy of saying it could happen on our planet, Earth. This paper proposes it has happened – towards the end of the Cretaceous [which witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs]. We might then ask – did the asteroid strike cause the poles to move? If so it upsets some long held mainstream points of view – that an awful lot of energy is required to shift the poles. It is said to take a planet size body to shift the poles – but not necessarily striking the earth, just coming too close. The asteroid, small in comparison to a planet but still a hefty space rock, slammed into the earth [and perhaps other fragments too]. The idea it takes a planet size body is designed to keep catastrophism at bay – so this is an important issue. Will mainstream try to neuter this research. Expect a follow up article. However, we already know there is a geomagnetic anomaly towards the end of the Cretaceous and this would seem to connect the two – Pole movement and dipole movement.

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