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Roman Tiles Carlisle

2 October 2021

Sent in by William via a Smithsonian link that would not print out. The story can be found at the local level – see https://cumbriaguide.co.uk/excavation-of-carlisle-roman-bathhouse-uncove… … on what is described as community news. It must have hit the headlines somewhere as Smithsonian got hold of the story. One reason may be that it was an excavation that involved a lot of amateur diggers from the local archaeology society [and other interested parties]. It was directed by professionals. It was also financed by a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant. The project also has the grand title, 'Uncovering Roman Carlisle' – or what can be found of it. The bath house was stumbled upon in 207, under the Carlisle cricket ground. It has hit the news with the discovery of tiles stamped with an official seal, dated to the emperor Septimus Severus, from the 3rd century AD. A substantial number of tiles were discovered, presumably once adorning the floor or walls of the bath house. Other finds include an iron signet ring, a silver finger ring, and Samian ware pottery [Roman tableware for the well to do]. It is found all over Roman Britannia but was manufactured in Gaul.

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