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Ten Mysteries Venus

25 October 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-10-ten-mysteries-venus.html … but what might those ten mysteries be? It depends on who asks the question I suppose but in this instance, it is from a mainstream and uniformitarian angle. We are assured the surface of Venus is inhospitable to life. It is barren and dry according to a recent study and the heavy atmosphere is 90 times the pressure of earth's atmosphere. It is roasting hot. Twice as hot as your average oven.

One of the mysteries might be. Was Venus ever hospitable for life? Another one is – how did Venus and Earth come to be so different? We are told the extreme heat on Venus is due to carbon dioxide – with thick clouds of sulfuric acid. This could have resulted from a runaway greenhouse effect, we are then fed.

Was Venus bombarded by comets and asteroids, as on earth? This is how the earth obtained its oceans and generally wet and watery environment, we are then told. What are the classical cycles in the history of Venus? An upcoming NASA mission will measure the chemistry, pressure, temperatures, and dynamics, as it descends through the atmosphere of Venus. That is the hope. It seems, this postulated pocket of carbon dioxide in the lowermost atmosphere may be about to spring some surprising answers to their mysteries. The lowermost part of the atmosphere of Venus must be the place we are most ignorant of, and therefore has been hypothesized as far as content is concerned.

How were the rocks of Venus formed? How much water, if any, did Venus have? What is happening on the surface of Venus? The aims of the mission are wonderful. The present opinion on Venus may not be so wonderful.

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