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The Drought and the Atmospheric River

27 October 2021
Climate change

William sent in the link www.yahoo.com/news/massive-storm-brings-lake-tahoes-004653494.html … a massive storm strikes northern California, which it was claimed, was suffering from a drought induced by climate change. It seems somebody upstairs didn't think too kindly of the porkies being told by the alarmists and duly went and drenched California, land of the green wash. See for example https://phys.org/news/2021-10-atmospheric-river-drenches-drought-stricke… … which has a picture of 'mammoth mountain' ski resort covered in snow. As climate change drought is considered to be more severe than your ordinary cottage garden variety it stands to reason that the drenching must also be larger than life as a result of climate change. It is described as an atmospheric river storm – much more alarmist than simply a storm with lots of rain. We are assured that rainfall levels were smashed, putting out wild fires still lingering from the summer months. The atmospheric river storm was a plume of moisture pulled in from the Pacific, hitting land side over the weekend. For inches of rain fell on Sunday in downtown San Francisco. Wow. That is about as much as we had over here one day last week. That was put down to the jet stream, and it's been raining on and off since then. A bucket in my back garden is full to the rim.

At https://phys.org/news/2021-10-drought-west-coast-slammed-cyclone.html … here we are told it was a 'severe' thunderstorm with record rainfall that quenched the wild fires. The phenomenon, they say, is called a 'bomb cyclone' rather than an atmospheric river but it is clearly the same thing. It also struck further north – Oregon, for example. The rain and floods and mud slides, and the blocked roads as well as power cables feeling sorry for themselves, are one result of the storm. No mention of the wind but storms usually come with a head wind. Here we are told there was five and a half inches of rain – in a short space of time. One may wonder how far the records go back if this is considered so unusual. Might be worth exploring some old reports.

William's story is also at https://phys.org/news/2021-10-climate-disrupting-natural-drier-lake.html … apparently, it rained so much it about filled up Lake Tahoe, the lake behind the dam on Truckee River. The dry weather had caused lake levels to fall but with the arrival of the storm they shot back up again – but this was not enough. The lake, at some point in the past, had been deeper. They don't want to upset the somebody upstairs as they might get more than they bargained for.


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