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Forbrush Decrease

9 December 2021

At https://spaceweather.com [3rd December 2021] … a sudden drop in atmospheric radiation was caused by a 'cannibal CME' that brushed earth's atmosphere. It sparked auroras seen as far south as California. However, due to the angle of the CME, radiation in the stratosphere plummeted. This is called a 'forbrush decrease' and happens when a CME sweeps past the earth and pushes galactic cosmic rays away from our planet. Radiation from deep space is temporarily suspended.

At www.sciencealert.com/jupiter-venus-warp-earth-orbit-epic-cycle-lasting-4… … the earth's orbit is warped by the gravitational pull of Jupiter and Venus in an epic cycle that repeats itself every 405,000 years. This appear to be another take on the biology article, today. That also included the 405,000 year cycle – but different authors and a different focus. However, the last big change was longer than the cycle. Not sure if there is anything epic about that. We are told scientists can now link changes in climate, the environment, dinosaurs, mammals, and fossils around the world to a 405,000 year cycle. Marvellous, these computer thingummies. Cycles, and more cycles.Number crunching. Assumptions appear once again to outweigh the evidence. 

Over at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/12/08/ice-ages-feedback-diagrams and climate-triggers/ … there is a pretty comprehensive take down with lots of comments from scientists including one at 8.07am on 8th December that points out the orbital changes are far too small over far too long a time scale. Maybe at times, they seem to coincide with something beginning, but to make them 'the cause' is straw clutching.

Also, at https://theconversation.com/amp/ice-ages-have-been-linked-to-the-earths-…

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