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Mammoths and Horses 3000BC

11 December 2021

Gary sent in the link to www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetrech/article-10293777/ … DNA evidence of mammoths and horses in the Yukon – just 5000 years ago. In other words, they did not go extinct as a result of the Palaeolithic hunters brandishing speaks and arrows. Both mammoth and horse occurred in the Yukon until 3000BC, or thereabouts. At the time there was a very cold glitch in climate known as the Piorra Oscillation – which persisted for a couple of centuries. Glaciers, in the Andes, expanded rapidly [as discovered by Lonnie Thompson], and Oetzi in the Alps was buried under ice, preserving his remains spectacularly. The really interesting aspect in this discovery is the horses, related to modern strains it would appear. Did the horse ever die out in North America?

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