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Sacred Pool aligned to Orion

1 April 2022

At https://heritagedaily.com/2022/03/archaeologists-identify-sacred-pool-aligned-with-the-stars/143075 …  a sacred pool aligned to the stars – in the Phoenician city of Motya, located off the coast of Sicily. An excavated artificial lake was a sacred pool, going back 2500 years ago. It was built in around 550BC after the city was rebuilt following a violent attack by Carthage. It was the centrepiece of a religious sanctuary aligned to the stars of Orion. Why Orion was chosen is not a given. These discoveries follow the discovery of a temple dedicated to Canaanite Baal on the edge of the complex, back in 2010. Winter solstice was also part of the alignment.

At https://phys.org/news/2022-03-ancient-migrants-maize-south-early.html … the ancient migrants that carried maize from South America into Mexico were ancestors of the Maya.

At www.world-archaeology.com … and https://doi.org/10.15184/aqy2021.164 … the source of the piece is the journal Antiquity but the news is in the April issue of Current World Archaeology. A 4th century AD lyre found in Kazakhstan at a site once located on the Silk Road, has sits parallels in western Europe, including the lyre unearthed at the Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk. There are several examples from western Europe, mainly with connections to Scandinavia. Norwegian music archaeologist, Gjermund Kerlltveit, said this was the first one to found so far to the east – 4000 km away. It differs distinctly from classical era Mediterranean lyres. How it got east and west, and its point of origin, is at the moment a mystery.

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