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Mercury and Magnetic Storms

4 April 2022

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2022/04/01/mercury-has-magnetic-storms-similar-to-earth/ … two research papers involving Chinese scientists, one in Nature Communications and the other in Science China Technological Sciences, have confirmed the planet Mercury has magnetic storms just like the earth. The question to be asked now – does this mean other planets, including those outside our solar system, can have geomagnetic storms regardless of the size of their magnetosphere or whether they have an earth like atmosphere? The first paper proves Mercury has a ring current, a doughnut shaped field of charged particles flowing laterally around the planet. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun so is within a short distance of eruptions of the solar wind, although somewhat smaller, or even much smaller than the other planets. It has hardly any atmosphere so it is debatable if it produces aurorae. Seven of the fourteen scientists involved worked on both papers.

At https://phys.org/news/2022-03-impact-black-hole.html … another post on a story from last week. The impact of winds around black holes, and radiation, are an interesting field of research at the moment. Efforts to study the winds that inhabit the vicinity of black holes seem to show they exert pressure on nearby planets. Does this mean the wind and radiation have similarities to the solar wind ejected from our Sun? Black holes, it has been found, produce radiation, and high energy particles – from a position close to the suspected hole itself. Does this pose a problem? If black holes are locations where nothing can escape why is light, or photons, being emitted as well as high energy particles? The explanation is that it is down to the event horizon that surrounds said black hole, some of the energy pushed outwards just as most of it is being gobbled up by the hole. Fascinating research as they may actually have to look again at the theory behind black holes and adopt new findings to what has been mainstream dogma for quite some time.

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