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Did It Never Happen

20 April 2022
Climate change

At https://notrickszone.com/2022/04/18/new-study-90-papers-were-published-on-the-hiatus-from-2009-2019-now-they-say-it-never-happened/ … in late 2012, the IPCC had a problem. They’ve always got a problem but in this case, they were confronted by uncooperative global temperatures. HadCRUT, which had been in use since 1990, was showing evidence that mean surface temperatures had been in decline since 1998. The magic El Nino year. The East Anglia ‘Climate Research Group’ and the Met Office [Hadley] constructed a newer version of HadCRUT – in order to advance the warming narrative. The 1998-2001 temperatures were allowed to stay the same but 0.1 to 0.2 degrees C were tacked on to data from 2002 onwards. Magic.

The idea was to delete the cooling trend. Instead, they invented the idea of an hiatus. A flat line in temperature which did not go up or down, in the  hope the next El Nino would provide a warm year that could be adopted to create a graph going upwards, once again. Now, a new study has lost the hiatus. They have done this by adjusting temperatures upward so that there is now a 0.8 C per decade warming trend. This upturns the hiatus which itself upturned the cooling trend. If that doesn’t show the futile nature of the AGW mantra what does? Well, Factsheet 5 at Net Zero Watch is about ‘The Cost of Green Levies’ – enough to make the eyes water.

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