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Waves inside the Earth

9 June 2022

Back in 2016  there were thousands of earthquakes near a small island between Madagascar and Africa, part of the Comoro Islands and French territory. In the National Geographic magazine, there is an article on what is thought to have caused them. Mostly minor earthquakes but there was a 5.8 event as well. In the midst of the seismic swarm, a strange low frequency rumble rippled around the world, puzzling scientists. Sensors picked it up 11,000 miles away.

The source of the activity appears to have been the birth of a volcano 30 miles offshore – but 2 miles under the ocean. It is already half a mile high and 3 miles wide and eventually will become another island in the Comoro group. It sits in a rift on the sea floor. This was created when Madagascar split away from the African landmass. In other words, it is perhaps not too surprising volcanic activity is taken place in the rift.

The story was sent in by William, along with a story on Mary Shelley, the creator of Frankenstein, and the Year without a Summer, as a result of a  volcano in Indonesia.

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