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A Ghostly Glow

18 December 2022

The Hubble telescope detected a ghostly glow overriding our solar  system. This arose as a result of the SKYSURF project. Some 200,000 Hubble archived images were looked at, and their measurements. They eliminated the light from stars, galaxies, planets, and the zodiacal light, but there was still a faint but weak glow. See link sent in by Robert …https://www.techexplorist.com/hubble-detected-ghostly-glow-surrounding-solar system/55334/ … and the leading hypothesis, for the moment, is that is is sunlight reflected off dust in the outer solar system, including the presence of comets lurking out there. This study follows on from the New Horizons spacecraft which passed Pluto in 2015, and another Kuiper Belt object in 2018 – and is still heading out to the outer part of the solar system. New Horizons detected a glow but that also remains unexplained.

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