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The Sun Man

10 August 2023
Anthropology, Electric Universe, Electromagnetism, Mythology

Excellent article by Marinus van der Sluijs at https://www.thunderbolts.info/2023/08/01/the-sun-man-3/ … which concerns the squatting man image that crops up all over the place, especially in rock art. In this case, stylised as a lizard in the headress of a wooden figure representing the eponymous ancestor, or first person of the Senufo, a people of the Ivory Coast. He describes mythic images of a huge human figure in the sky as visualised by the people of Tahiti, the Yuki of California, Melanesian, Australian Aborigines, the Quiche Maya, tribes in India, and even ancient Egyptian gods such as Shu. He also adds the Gnostics of the early Christian period who pictured Adam, the first man, standing in the centre of the Earth with a ‘glorious appearance’ – a face beaming with splendour.

van der Sluijs says the notion of a transient blazing humanoid in the sky seems bizarre to most people in the modern world. However, Anthony Peratt, whose research was in high energy density plasma instabilities, saw them as representing a reality that actually occurred at some point in the past – possibly at the end of the Ice Age. In fact, it could have occurred at any extraordinary high episode of plasma with an origin in the Sun. The Laschamp Event, around 40,000 years ago, is especially interesting in this regard. We may note that most of the tribes cited by van der Sluijs potentially have very old  roots. The Melanesians and Aborigines for example. Marinus van der Sluijs opts for the Gothenberg Event rather than the Laschamp, as there is a problem in humans preserving knowledge any further  back in time than roughly ten thousnd years ago.

Peratt saw a potential link between high energy plasma instabilities he had witnessed in the laboratory, where a cylindrical plasma beam could transform, via stacked toroids, into the so called ‘squatting man’ – emitting exremely dazzling radiation light. Myths from tribal peoples all over the world are very often not blighted with later ideas and belief systems that tend to develop in major population areas. They likely go far back in time, recited by elders from generation to generation. In other words, their so called preserved myth, often regarded as superstitious nonsense, may actually have preserved information that developed societies have lost. Or context has been lost.

Speaking of plasma, there is an interesting story of a double whammy event, one CME closely followed by another – in 1940. See for example https://spaceweather.com … August 8th to 10th post, 2023. It was twice as powerful as the 1989 CME that was associated with blackouts in Quebec. As it occurred during WWII it did not receive the oxygen of publicity, but was recorded in the US, not then participating in the war, as it disrupted long term communications. At that time we are talking about the telephone  and teletype. It probably would not affect modern mobile cell phones but it would affect electrical grid systems – causing black outs. This is why the 1940 event has now come into focus, in order to find out just what occurred so people can adapt to such an event if it reccurrs, as it will, in the future. What captured the attention was the very high voltages that surged through long metal wires [copper wire]. When the sunspot tornado hit earth electricity began to move through the system. That is the electric universe connection – but the effects only lasted 5 hours, and returned to normality.

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