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New Comet

19 August 2023

A https://spaceweather.com … [August 17th 2023] …. Japanese astronomer Hideo Nishimura, discovered a new comet, currently visible by small telescope in the Gemini constellation. It is relatively dim at present but is expected to brighten a hundred fold. It is in fact what is known as a hyperbolic comet. It has a lot of energy. It may even be a solar system interloper.

The same comet pops up at https://spaceweather.com .. on 16th August [and on several other days]. Comet C/2023, as it is now called, was shining like a tenth grade star. It is expected to brighten to 3rd magnitude in September. We shall see. It might be another damp squib. Hyperbolic is a term used to describe a comet that appears to have too much energy, or speed, for it to remain in the solar system. Hence, the idea it is an interstellar object. The Sun might put an end to that idea if it causes it to behave in a manner similar to other comets. Even then, by rounding the Sun, the comet may increase speed and direction as a result of a gravitational sling shot.

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