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Twin Horned Comet

10 October 2023
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

At https://spaceweather.com … October 9th 2023, we learn that Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, has exploded into activity for a second time and is sporting a pair of horns once again. There was a hundred fold increase in brightness on October 5th. Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association, thinks ice volcanoes are to blame. Comet 12P will not come close to the Sun until next year, around April. It will probably be a naked eye object after Christmas.

At https://spaceweather.com … on October 7th 2023, we are told the Sun’s magnetic poles are disappearing. In other words, the Sun is about to flip its poles. This usually happens midway through the 11 year solar cycle so we can expect intensified activity on the Sun next year. The earth will only be affected if we come into contact with the Suns heliosperic current sheet. The Sun is surrounded by a wavy ring of electricity that is pulled and buffeted by the solar wind all the way to the edge of the solar system. This structure is part of the Sun’s magnetosphere. During reversal events the current sheet is extra wavy and as the Sun spins we dip in and out of the undulations. Passages through the sheet can result in geomagnetic storms and aurora.

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