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Dinkinesh and Bennu and Lucy

9 November 2023

At https://www.livescience.com/space/nasa-reveals-1st-sample-collected-from-potentially-hazardous-asteroid-bennu-to-public-and-it-may-contain-the-seeds-of-life … a sample collected from the near earth object Bennu, which is currently in orbit a long way away, may contain the seeds of life. Or that is the chosen headline. This is basically the end result of the OSIRIS REx mission, which took a number of years to complete. It was conducted by NASA and you can find out more info by going to https://science.nasa.gov/mission/osiris-rex/ … One sample is now at the Museum of Natural History in Washington DC  [Smithsonian]. The samples are carbon rich and have water molecules, it would seem. The interesting pieces of the sample are  not in the museum as they are out for study and analysis. Also, they are desperate to make sure the samples are kept away from earth’s air, and as such. are protected from anything human or earthbound. Contamination would lead to recriminations.

At https://www.livescience.com/space/asteroids/nasa-finds-hidden-asteroid-swirling-around-another-one … NASAs Lucy spacecraft has found a smaller asteroid orbiting aroud a larger asteroid. Dinkinesh has a companion – riding in sync with him. One is half a mile wide annd the other a fifth of a mile wide. They are in a binary orbit and faily close to each other. Lucy is orbiting in the so called Asteroid Belt. NASA aim to look at other stars in the Belt in rder to do comparisons.

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