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Chicxulub and Gas on Mars

16 November 2023
Astronomy, Catastrophism

Robert sent in 3  links. At https://phys.org/news/2023-11-visible-range-martian-night.html … we learn that night time glow was discovered by ‘The Trace Gas Orbiter’ satellite of the ESA. The satellite was designed to study the ozone layer in ultra violet – around the planet Mars. In 2020 they fond a green emmission between 40 and 150km above the surface of Mars. Now, a new emission has been found betwen 40 and 70 km altitude. The light is concentrated in polar regions – but see also https://www.holoscience.com/wp/newtons-electric-clockwork-solar-system/ … which has a different take on what is going on.

At https://crev.info/2023/11/chicxulub-a-consensus-with-big-questions/ … a lot of people really have their necks out of alignment when it comes to catastrophism. They are trying to hold down an avalanche of evidence. Even Creationists have got their heads spinning. The Electric Universe theory is not very keen on classical gravity – and therefore not too fond of Isaac Newton. Gravity would appear to exist as NASA uses it all the time to guide their spacecraft – bouncing from one planet to another. It must be a fact otherwise their spacecraft simply would not conform to the orbits worked out for them. One would have thought. Thornhill is correct to say we might not fully understand gravity – or where it comes from. That is different from saying it has a negligible effect in the solar system. Thornhill also noted, according to Robert, that Newtonian dynamics contradicted the idea that planets could have once been on different orbits – a hat tip to the Saturnian model of Talbot. See his article on Electric Gravity at https://www.holoscience.com/news.php?article=89xdcmfos … where he says the gravity mass of a planet is variable by charging the electrons, and so on.

Robert also says Thornhill said  ‘whatever happened to the dinosaurs was for more dramatic than climate change from a puny asteroid impact’. That is quite a hefty accusation. Obviously, he had other reasons to dispute the Alvarez theory than general mainstream geologists – or uniformitarian resistance. Robert says this statement ties in with his Creationist link. They, of course, also have their own peculiar reasons. For better or worse Creationists believe the watery demise of the Cretaceous period had something to do with Noah’s Flood. In North America the demise of dinosaurs is closely connected with the Interior Seaway – which in uniformitarian thinking was in existence for thousands upon thousands of years. On the other hand it could well represent a huge tidal wave unleashed by the Chicxulub asteroid – directly upwind. The route of the Seaway is spot on for the direction of travel of Caribbean water churned up after the impact. That, more than anything, entirely nixes the idea of a puny asteroid and the link with Noah. Creationists are too fond of Biblical numbers without understanding what those numbers imply. It is an artificial chronology from Genesis to the first 4000 years, and expanded by Christian commenters to 7000 years in Revelation. The numbers 4 and 7 are important in not just the Biblical narrative, but in Semitic thinking in the Bronze and Iron Ages. They are not real numbers. They have a meaning which goes over the top of a lot of people. It is otherwise known as God’s Plan – the product of linear history which came to replace historical traditions that existed before the Iron Age. The era of the gods came to a close – as an Andaman Islander explained to a Christian missionary in the 19th century.

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