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Einstein Must be Wrong

18 November 2023
cosmology, Physics

In one of those astounding moments of hubris we have at https://www.livescience.com/physics-mathematics/einstein-must-be-wrong-how-general-relativity-fails-to-explain-the-universe … that might lead readers to think Einstein could well be wrong on some things but cosmologists in general are more wrong than Einstein. As Einstein’s theory seems to be at odds with what the new super telescopes are beaming back to Earth, his theory of relavity is coming under pressure. Or is it the theory of relativity that has been updated on numerous occasions by cosmologists that is coming under pressure? We are told that his theory of gravity, the basis of general relativity, has been the consensus for over a hundred years. It is now deemed to have theoretical shortcomings. It probably does have some shortcomings – after a hundred years. Deviations of gravity as laid out in general relativity are by no means excluded nor tested everywhere in the universe. According to theoretical physicists – deviation must happen. According to Einstein, they go on, our universe originated with Big Bang. Other singularities hide in black holes. Basically the claim appear to be that as Einstein’s theory does not explain what is going on in black holes general relativity must be replaced by a more fundamental theory. We must adopt quantum mechanics, it would seem. How Einstein’s theory fails over black hole theory seems to be back to front as Einstein did not think black holes existed. It is modern cosmologists who are obsessed with black holes. I wonder if, too, did Einstein really say the universe began with Big Bang. I thought this was a battle among cosmologists in the post WWII era.

Quantum physics is then introduced only to tell us it does not blend with general relativity – which might be telling us something that has not occurred to those writing the critique. As far as one can tell James Webb has not actually contradicted general relativity – but it has blown a hole in black holes and Big Bang. Is this all about corralling the wagon and protecting modern cosmology from what is being observed? It is interesting that both Electric Universe advocates as well as modern cosmologists, are simultaneously critical of Einstein. It will be interesting to see what other mainstream cosmologists have to say.

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