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Cosmic Vine

22 November 2023

Using red shift to date a chain of 20 galaxies resulted in an early universe timing – between 11 and 12 billion years ago. Red shift is accepted by mainstream but the result is surprising to them.          At https://www.livescience.com/space/astronomy/james-webb-telescope-discovers-cosmic-vine-of-20-connected-galaxies-sprawling-through-the-early universe … and to make matters worse some of the stars appear to be ready to go to their grave. A short life if Big Bang is correct. Of course, if Halton Arp was right and red shift is not what it is claimed to be, things might not be so bad. All this bother comes about as a result of the James Webb Space Telescope. It is proving to be an eye opener. Cosmologists and astronomers are hopping from one foot to the other in their haste to explain it away. For instance, the Cosmic Vine is significantly larger than other galaxy groups observed at such an early period of the universe. In fact, according to researchers the Vine is well on its way to become a galaxy cluster. These are the most massive structures in the universe – held together by gravity, they add. All this, a billion years after Big Bang.

At https://spaceweather.com … archive, Nov 20th, 2023. Space X auroras. They are red, roughly spherical, and visible by naked eye, for about 10 minutes at a time. They are caused by Space X rockets burning their engines in the ionosphere.

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