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Gas Blob Milky Way

30 November 2023
Astronomy, cosmology

At https://www.livescience.com/space/black-holes/strange-blob-circling-milky-ways-central-black-hole-is-shooting-powerful-radiation-at-earth-every-76-minutes …  regular high energy pulses of gamma ray radiation emerge from around the Milky Way’s central black hole – may be coming from a blob of gas whipping around it. Not sure if a blob has been seen or is suspected – as an explanation for the gamma ray shooting spree. Something around the supermassive black hole is firing regular blasts of high energy gamma rays towards the direction of earth – picked up by the new breed of space telescopes. Some scientists are saying they think they know what is causing it.

The pulse was first discovered in 2021 – just a couple of years ago. Amazingly, they say, the team ‘know‘ that radiation could not be coming from the black hole itself. Is that a bit of a crutch to the theory of black holes? They obviously don’t know. Why say they do? It is the theory of black holes that says nothing can emerge from them. If it does it cannot be a black hole. That is their dilemma. Who was right? Einstein or those who subverted his theory.

However, it must be coming from what they call the event horizon, a sort of circling mass of bright gas surrounding the black hole. Yet, the gamma rays appear from close to the black hole – or what is thought to be a black hole. They blame the blob of gas swirling around the black hole, an explanation that allows mainstream to stick to the paradigm.

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