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Ozone Holey

2 December 2023

The ozone  layer is back in the news it seems. That research paper last week seems to have upset the Blob. At https://phys.org/news/2023-11-science-ozone-layer.html … here we are told the ozone hole is on track towards full recovery – as if they knew what the state of the ozone layer was 50 years ago. They don’t. They don’t have any data on it. There were no satellites whizzing round in the upper atmosphere back then, let alone balloons and other methods to keep track of what is going on upstairs. Why  have they changed the narraive? A couple of years ago they were bragging that environmentalists had solved the problem by banning the production of CFCs, even though they were being taken for mugs by the manufacturers whose patent had run out.

Over at https://www.livescience.com/planet-earth/weather/controversial-study-suggesting-ozone-hole-isnt-recovering-is-skewed-by-bad-data-experts-say … which is a direct  attack on the research paper published a week or so ago and approved by no less than the journal Nature – which published it. Strange times. Note the use of the term ‘experts’ – as if the authors were not themselves experts and fully qualified to research the subject. Not only that, the so called expert quoted is the one who actually came up with the idea the ozone hole was due to CFCs. The idea the ozone layer has been healed was all the rage a few years ago – as it did seem to close up. Unfortunately, that coincided with a quiet period of solar activity – and no doubt the hole has returned as a result of high solar activity. The solar wind is still going crazy. Last week we had auroras visible in Italy and Texas. The cannibal CME yesterday may cause a repeat this week – see https://spacewether.com … It seems that the ozone hole will now be around until 2045 or 2064, we are told. They seem to have adopted the climate change mantra – which keeps on changing when facts don’t fit the rhetoric. By 2045 most of these so called experts will have retired – or be on the other side, as they say. They won’t be around when it turns out to be untrue. The euphoria experienced by the likes of these experts, in the wake of the diminishing ozone hole – is at odds, on several occasions, by it re-emerging. No wonder they don’t want the public to know the ozone hole over the Antarctic is alive and kicking – and getting bigger by the day.

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