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Scary Temperatures

16 January 2024
Climate change

Putting the ‘hottest year evah‘ into perspective – go to https://climatedebate.co.uk/global-temperature/ … where we are told about different ways of measuring global temperatures produce small but significantly different results.

Global temperature is usually depicted as an  anomaly – the difference between the temperature at any point in time and a baseline temperature which is the average temperature of the world across a period of time. The temperature at any one time is calculated by processing all of the available weather data from that time, somewhat similar to averaging it. There is little controversy about the fact that earth’s atmosphere has warmed up in recent decades. However, there is more disagreement about how much warming there has been and how much of this warming can be attributed to humans, and how the temperature records are obtained.

The link goes on to describe so called global temperature as used by i] the NASA Goddard Institute, GISS, ii] the Met Office/ Hadley Centre, HADCRUT5, and iii] the University of Alabama and Huntsville, UAH. There is a clear global warming trend from 1960, which was a cold dip in temperature. The author points out a similar cold dip and warming trend occurred from the early 1900s to the 1940s. That should possibly be 1940 as cold weather clicked in later in the decade, contributing to the defeat of Hitler in Russia.

The link goes on to describe how each of them go about creating a warming record, with a hand wave to Hide the Decline and the hockey stick. The idea of the post is to inform Joe Public of the differences that exist even amongst climate science establishments, which in itself contradicts the idea of a consensus. It is a longish read but well worth getting your teeth into the meat of the matter.

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