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How Cosmologists Think

15 February 2024
Astronomy, cosmology, Inside science

It is always interesting to know how the minds of scientists work and what inhibitive ideas are not allowed. Catastrophism is obviously one of them but challenges to consensus thinking are often rebutted, or absorbed while still retaining the consensus paradigm. At https://phys.org/news/2024-02-black-holes-galaxies.html … where we are told that black holes now exist at the dawn of time, birthing new stars and supercharging galaxy formation. A classic case of being forced to revise the consensus storyline. The James Webb Space Telescope seems to have opened a can of worms – which includes the existence of what they think are black holes at what they think is the beginning of the universe – just over the horizon from James Webb.

The link is said to be derived from an analysis of James Webb Space Telescope data – so it is firmly coming out of data that contradicted the consensus mantra. They even  go so far as to say, ‘we know’  monster black holes exist at the centre of galaxies. In other words, mainstream views on black holes are still accepted – because galaxies exist via James Webb data, at what they think is the dawn of  the universe. However, it has resulted in some hoop jumping and a re-evaluation of when black holes came into existence. It seems the easiest way out of their dilemma was to postulate that they were wrong on when black holes emerged. They openly admit the James Webb data upends mainstream ideas about black holes. It was previously thought black holes formed AFTER the first stars  and galaxies had emerged. Instead, we are now told black holes might already have existed, creating new stars and galaxies as far as James Webb has penetrated. Even though James Web has not got back to Big Bang. It is simply theorised that over the horizon of James Webb lies Big Bang.  This will of course lead to more astronomers looking at James Webb for some clues.

The James Webb  Space Telescope has led to a rethink, of sorts – but the mainstream paradigm remains intact. Black holes have taken the brunt of the negative data. They were present at the beginning of the universe – or as far back as James Webb can see. Obviously, it will be many years before a new space telescope is built that can peer further back into the past than James Webb, so theoretically mainstream can keep the consensus on a life support system for a long time yet.

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