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Worlds in Collision

Astronomy magazine (May 2018) had an article with the title, 'New Insights into How the Solar System Formed' - chaos and mayhem ensued, worlds in collision on a grand scale. This is a reference to the so called Late Heavy Bombardment theory. It seems that simply by repitition this has been morphed into fact. Oh dear, they then claim our solar system is somewhat unique in this respect as star systems studied elsewhere in the solar system do not seem to harbour chaos and mayhem on a par with our solar system.

Velikovsky Tribute

This tribute to 'Worlds in Collision' comes from a UFO web site. However, it was inspired by a recent headline, in April, that a wandering binary star sideswiped the solar system 70,000 years ago and knocked dozens of comets and asteroids into orbits contrary to mainstream thinking. David Halperin says, being of that generation his mind went back to 'Worlds in Collision' - go to ...

Toronto Conference

The Toronto Conference has now got a nice list of speakers - see

Toronto Conference

A Toronto conference is in the offing for next year - May 16th-19th, 2016. It has the title, Celestial Crisis and the Human Record and one of the main speakers will be Irving Wolfe (well known to SIS members). He is in the process of getting a book published which will be one aspect of his talk. At ... we are told SIS members Andrew Fitt and Frank Wallace will be organising the event and the main thrust is evidence of catastrophism encoded in narrative arts (which is Irving Wolfe's speciality).


At ... there is a review by Dalia Karpel (Dec 28th, 2013) of a book on Velikovsky by Michael Gordin, a professor at Princetown who specialises in Russian history and the history of modern physical sciences, 'The Pseudo-Science Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe' University of Chicago Press:2012.

Sad News

It has been announced that Bob Bass has died - see

Antarctic Fossils

Therre is a nice piece at ... which tells us about a petrified forest in Antarctica. It is dated to Late Permian - which is a long time ago. Some 260 million years on conventional geo-chronology.

Volcanoes on Venus

At ... a bit of the old Velikovsky predictions here, and the idea Venus is a young planet and is still cooling down. Gary Gilligan sent this link in and it seems the atmosphere of Venus contains a million times as much sulphur dioxide as that of the Earth. It is stuck below the dense clouds that engulf the planet and much speculation has been made about its origins - volcanoes or elsewhere.

Velikovsky Sources

At ... Rens van der Sluijs wonders why Velikovsky cites some early catastrophists but fails to mention others - even where there is a close correspondence between them and Velikovsky's ideas.

Art and Science

More information on the upcoming Electric Universe conference on July 6-9th in Maryland, the US of A.