Talk news

2006 Members Autumn Meeting

20 October 2006
  • Laurence Dixon - Plasma Events in the Solar System in the 20th Century
  • Robert Porter - Radiocarbon Dates for Thera
  • John Bimson- Possible Dates for the Exodus

Held at The Harlequin Theatre, Warwick Quadrant, Redhill, Surrey. Members Autumn Meeting

2004 AGM and Spring Meeting

23 April 2004
  • Han Kloosterman - The Tippe-Top Earth and Apparent Geomagnetic Reversals: proofs from geology and mythology
  • Trevor Palmer - Perilous Planet Earth (A talk based on the book of the same name)

New Directions for the Interpretation of Stonehenge

17 October 2003
  • Dr Mark Gillings and Dr Joshua Pollard (University of Leicester) - A joint lecture on their field work at Avebury and  the wider Avebury landscape
  • Len Saunders - Hitherto Unrecognised Excavation Data Solves Enigma of Stonehenge.

2003 AGM and Afternoon Spring Meeting

22 March 2003
  • Robert Feather (author of The Copper Scroll) - 'Pharaoh's Holy Treasure'. Illustrated with slides, the talk includes new material and centres on Akhenaten and the famous Copper Scroll
  • Robert Feather - Part II of the above talk.

2001 Autumn Meeting

12 October 2001
  • Steve Mitchell - 'Egyptian Hieroglyphs - A Chinese Puzzle?'  Presenting evidence to show that Egyptian hieroglyphs occured in early Chinese writing and asking how and when this could have occurred. 
  • David Eccott will speak on 'Pre-Columbian Trans-oceanic Contact'. 
  • Nesta Caiger - 'Valley of Colours'.

The Followers of Horus

4 May 2001
  • David Rohl - 'The Followers of Horus' Implications for contact between Egypt and Mesopotamia'. 

David Rohl: Testing Time - the New Chronology in 2009

19 September 2009

David Rohl - 'Testing Time -the New Chronology in 2009'. A morning and afternoon presentation of three lectures by the author of A Test of Time, Legend, and several other books concerned with the revision of the chronology of ancient Egypt and surrounding nations. Full report in C&C Review 2010.

  • Lecture 1 - 'Conundrums of the Pharaohs: reasons why the orthodox chronology is wrong'.
  • Lecture 2 - 'Legendary Kings and Chronicles: the United Monarchy in the New Chronology'.
  • Lecture 3 - 'The Israelites in Egypt: evidence for the Sojourn, Exodus and Conquest'.

A New Universe for a New Millennium?

20 October 2000
  • Halton C Arp: 'Observational Cosmology Impacts Modern Physics'
  • Wal Thornhill: on an 'Electric Universe'