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1980 Public Meeting

7 Sep 1980 Meeting/Talk

Library Association in London.

  • It was again well attended with more than 50 people present. The speakers were  Dr. Elizabeth Chesley Baity, Dr. John Bimson and Dr. John Fermor. There was, as usual, a lively discussion at the end of each talk, and once again.
  • Peter Warlow demonstrated the action of his tippe-top.
  • Elizabeth Chesley Baity is an anthropologist, and gave an account of her work on the “fire-bull” ritual, which appears to be of world-wide distribution and of early date. Something had clearly impressed early man; and she illustrated her talk with numerous slides in dealing with the works of Velikovsky, Schaeffer, Patten, Muck, Hapgood and others.
  • John Bimson gave a lucid talk on the archaeological controversy over the copper workings at Timna and the dating of pottery found there and at related sites. He made a strong case for the original dating of Nelson Glueck as compared to that now widely accepted. Recent radio-carbon dating of charcoal from the Timna workings supports his (and Glueck’s) chronology, and not the orthodox.
  • A most stimulating talk was given finally by John Fermor on the matter of Sothic dating. He firstly gave reasons why Velikovsky’s treatment of the subject was erroneous, but proceeded to point out that conventional interpretations were also likely to err. A small matter like an Earth Inversion brings the Sothic date for Thutmose III (for example) into the 10th century: he indicated there may be other factors too which might alter Sothic date calculations.
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