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2016 Spring Meeting

22 Apr 2016 Meeting/Talk
  • 1:30 Wayne Burn: “The Saturn Hypothesis”
  • 2.45 Video: “On the Origins of Icons from Antiquity”
  • Wayne Burn, “The Saturn Hypothesis”.
    The Hypothesis has been assembled from a variety of source material e.g. mythology, folklore and cultural memes. By using a solar system model based on a new theory of gravity and electromagnetic repulsion, Wayne will argue that the Saturn Hypothesis is correct, with a sound scientific underpinning.
  • YouTube video
  • A video “On the Origins of Icons from Antiquity” (Limited release)
  • Petroglyphs: the video of a talk given to members several years ago, which is very relevant to past catastrophes and the Electric Universe. The talk investigates the nature of petroglyphs in various locations around the globe, and their probable relationship to extraterrestrial plasma activity. Saturn is left as a possible connection to this event.

Wayne BurnScorpion PetroglyphZ-pinch Particle Beam

DVD videos will be on sale at this event. These include several of Wal Thornhill’s presentations.

Watford Quaker Meeting House,150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB (map).

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