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Evidence that the Earth has suffered Catastrophes of Cosmic Origin in Historical Times

14 Jul 1993 Conference
  • Harold Tresman: The SIS, Its History and Achievments: A Personal Perspective
  • Steven Robinson: On the Disproportion Between Geological and Historical Time
    • Part One: The Human Perspective. Part Two: Earth, Fire and Water
  • Dr John Bimson: The Nature of an Exodus Catastrophe Re-assessed.
  • Prof. Irving Wolfe: A Catastrophic Reading of Religious Systems
  • Irvine Wolfe: A Catastrophic Interpretation of Western Cosmologies
  • Dr Victor Clube: Revalation and Catastrophe during the Christian Era: a Basis for Historical Interpolation and Future Extrapolation
  • Wal Thornhill: Evidence for the Extreme Youth of Venus
  • David Slade: Could an Explosive Volcanic Eruption be Induced by the Nearby Passage of a Cosmic Body?
  • Bernard Newgrosh: Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna
  • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus I
  • David Salkeld: A Harbinger of the Exodus II
  • Benny Peiser: Catastrophism and Anthropology

The 1993 SIS Cambridge Conference was a memorable event, with important and original papers from a wide range of speakers. They covered subjects ranging from the origins of the Earth, through ancient history, to the latest space probe findings. The Proceedings of the Conference are beautifully illustrated and represent a major new addition to catastrophist literature.

The Proceedings were published by the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies as a special edition of Chronology and Catastrophism Review and are available to both members and non-members (back issues).

Harold Tresman's paper,  “The SIS, Its History and Achievements: A Personal Perspective” is online.

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