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The Sun and the Planets

22 January 2010

http://tallbloke.wordpress.com … tall bloke’s web blog is all about a thesis that the solar system is an integrated system in that as well as the sun influencing the planets the planets themselves also effect each other. In fact, he suggests their effect on the sun causes its complicated motion around the centre of mass in the solar system – which modulates solar magnetic activity and the production of sun spots. There is a coincidence between changes in the sun’s angular momentum as it jiggles around the centre of the solar system and the number of sun spots appearing on its surface. These ideas are controversial, he says, because the sun effects earth’s climate and discovering how it all works will upset the AGW lobby. Small changes in earth’s motion seem to coincide with variations in climate – and these in turn have good correlations with the motion of other planets and the sun (quoting Vaughn). Semeros, in turn, has discovered that changes in Venus and Earth’s angular momentum coincide with the eleven year sun spot cycles. G Sharp claims the big outer planets move in a rhythm coinciding with a drop in solar activity every 178 years. Tall Bloke goes on to say that just as Newton did not know how gravity worked we don’t know what the mechanisms are by which planetary motion effects the sun and individual planets but the evidence we do have is that they do. The blog also discusses i) tidal forces, ii) gravitational effects, and iii) electro-magnetic effects. Some physicists dismiss these ideas as being puny forces but the effects have never actually been quantified.


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